Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday with Friends

On Saturday Rich and I headed out to mail some birthday cards and to make a stop at the grocery store and the bait shop.  Rich suggested that we stop for breakfast, so we tried a new restaurant in town. (actually it's been here for about a year - but new to us just the same!) The Happy Chef is located just a few miles from us on the Interlake Blvd Circle here in Lake Placid.  Breakfast was by far the best we've had here in town.  The owners and staff are extremely friendly.  We checked out the dinner menu, and after such a great breakfast, and learning that the owner used to be an executive chef in NY we decided that we'd be back soon to give it another try!

Our good friends, Nick and Tonyia spent the day with us on Easter Sunday.  But first we awoke to gifts from the Easter Bunny!  Rich had his basket of chocolate, and I a beautiful Peace Lily.  The guys took off mid morning to do some fishing, and since we were not planning dinner until about 3:00, Tonyia and I poured our coffee, turned on the Country music station and settled in for a few games of Mexican Train.

It was early afternoon when the guys returned and they brought back a bunch of pan fish (crappies and blue gill).  Our neighbors, John and Diane, love fish - so John was thrilled when they guys offered him their catch of the day.

We put out some snacks to hold us until dinner time and grabbed our cold beverage of choice, put the meat and potatoes in the oven and Tonyia and I had time for ONE more game!

 We all enjoyed a dinner of ham, au gratin potatoes, biscuits, roasted asparagus and a veggie medley of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  Everything was delicious.   Nick and Tonyia celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday so for that special occasion we shared a great white and chocolate layer cake with strawberry cream filling and whipped cream icing. Nick and Tonyia..... we wish you many many more memorable years together!

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