Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A few busy days......and our December dining with friends.

It was a really fun week having Miss Ava with us.  And I think she had a pretty good time too.

I do know that she was definitely pampered all week.

 Nathan and Krystal arrived early Sunday afternoon to take her home. So Rich spent a little one on one time with her before they arrived.

Monday was a catch up day; cleaning, laundry etc.  Made a potato salad, and some sloppy joes for dinner and we both enjoyed a Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Eggnog!   Got a call from The Decor Store that they would be doing the kitchen cabinets on Tuesday!!!

Mike Belan, from the Decor Store here in Lake Placid arrived about 9:00 am Tuesday morning, with his helper ( his wife). They did break for lunch for about an hour and a half, but had the job completed before 2:00 pm.   We had contacted a few different places for prices on just some refacing of the kitchen cabinets, and became a little bit discouraged at the cost.  Almost as much as getting new ones and both options costing way more than we were willing to invest.  Our neighbors had The Decor Store reface their kitchen cabinets last year, along with some other bathroom work and told us that the price was very reasonable and that the workmanship was excellent.   And they were right.  The picture in the upper left is what the kitchen looked like before we restarted the remodel. The appliances and counter tops were completed a couple of weeks ago...............
 They replaced ONLY the cabinet doors, and fronts of each drawer.  They were able to match the white  on the doors to the white on the rest of the cabinets.  They look amazing!  And they did this for a "fraction" of what others wanted.  We would highly recommend them!   The cost  left us far enough under budget that we may have shades installed on the sun room sliders!   What a great Christmas Gift to both of us!

And then tonight we met up with Buddy and Diane.  Where? Where else but the Hibachi Buffet in Sebring.  We have made a pact to meet at least once a month. And we've been doing that pretty regularly.  But this month, we missed Nathan and Krystal.  Just returning from their "anniversary" cruise - they were not quite ready to venture away from home yet!  We missed them tonight, but, as usual we solved the problems of the world, tried, with no luck, to figure out WHY people are supporting Hillary Clinton, and we enjoyed a great meal.  

And so Krystal and Nathan - we will let you know the menu for New Year's Day. And let us know what we can contribute.  And hold the 2nd Saturday in January for dinner and show for the six of us.  It's a Buffet with an Elvis Impersonator, and another who does Johnny Cash........... Be prepared to eat , sing along and have fun!

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