Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pet Sitting and Holiday Cheer!

Can not believe it's been more than 2 weeks since updating this blog.  Still hoping that Home Decor will call next week to finish the kitchen - but if not, hopefully before the New Year.  

Following our visits to the doctor for our annual check-ups and blood work, Rich had is appointment with the Dermatologist. Results of the three biopsy's that were taken on three different spots on his face...........all came back benign!  Good news.
So.......I've done a little decorating for the holidays.  Tree is up, Ribbons and mini trees on the front porch, and a few mantle and table decorations.  The present under the tree is from Nathan and Krystal..............and yes - Rich saw the chocolate and has pretty much finished that........and thank you both for the lovely candles.

  Except for filling our stockings - Santa won't be leaving us presents under the tree this year.  But, as you know - the kitchen was our early Xmas!

And most of you know that I like my wine.... and my Margaritas....but for the holidays - I like my Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Eggnog. ( Nick and Tonyia got me started on that one!)  I might have to have ONE this weekend.

Another reason that I have not updated this blog in a couple of weeks.....MY CAMERA DIED!  Trip to Walmart to buy a new one,  Didn't come with a mini- USB cord to download the pictures.  Back to Sebring to buy the USB cable....didn't work.  Rich took care of that today when he went to Sebring for his Concealed Carry Permit/Training Class.   (And then he went shopping - wonder what he got me for my stocking!!!!!!)

Tuesday, this past week, was our monthly community meeting, and our annual Xmas Dinner.  This community is really nice.  $25/year are the dues - and that includes a free Xmas Dinner!!!    Again - this all happened during the camera problems - so the pictures of Rich and I  at the dinner were lost!  We shared a table with our friends and neighbors,John and Diane ( picture taken at our house).  And that's fellow neighbors Jim (Feathers) and Jan - that managed to be called in the food line before us!  Dinner ( except the chicken) was very good.  Chicken, Ham, Mashed potato and gravy, green beans, coleslaw, rolls and cake. Rich opted for Iced tea - John, a vodka and coke! and Diane and I a glass of Riesling!  Very lovely night.

And since last Saturday we have had a visitor!   Our good friends Nathan and Krystal have been enjoying their 25th Anniversary Cruise with their 3 daughters and family - and we have been taking care of Miss Ava.  Everyone knows how much we love dogs - so having her here for a week has been a real pleasure.  Here she is.....on the family room couch, where she stays while we eat dinner, and watch TV, in the living room chair, when I'm on the computer, and enjoying the back yard,  down near the water/dock and, where she met Zolfo and Augie ,(John and Diane's dogs).  And she goes to the fence every time we let her out - to see if they are there.   She's having a good time............and so are we.   And we will miss her when Mom and Dad come to get her on Sunday.

All the Christmas presents to NY ( my brother and Rich's brother) have been mailed, as have all the gifts to Dennis and the family in Iowa.  One of these years I would love nothing more than to be able to spend Christmas with the family.  We miss them so much!

As for New Years - we are once again considering our New Years Day get together with friends..........  Until then.........Merry Xmas to all!

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