Sunday, December 20, 2015

Just a little bragging! So Proud of Grandkids

Thought it was time to share a few recent pictures of what the kids are up to out there in Iowa.  Wish so much we lived closer!

Both Dalton and Chauna are members of the Davenport West Marching Band.  Below are pictures of Dalton with the rest of the Trumpet Players, and Chauna with the Flag Team.

Below, Chauna receives a ribbon for her recent 5 Strikes in a row with her league, and  recently bowled a 191 and a 202 game.   According to her Dad, she's been working very hard, wanting to make the varsity team this year.

Also - both Dalton and Chanua excel you can see!  Dalton, as a Senior, carries almost a 3.9 grade average and is ranked 6th in his class.  Chauna ,as a Junior has a 4.0 grade average and is number 1 in her class.

AND..............when they visit us at the Lake in the summer - they are excellent fisherman/fisherwoman!

As for their academic abilities - that's from their Pa Pa's side.  As for the music and dancing skills - SOMEHOW - they got that from Grandma Do!

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