Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas always seems to sneak up on us........and then there's always that last minute trip for a final gift, a stocking stuffer or one more thing you need for your festive dinner...........

It's always a time, when we miss our family the most; they live so far away.  And always a time to reflect on all the good times and laughter we've shared with good  friends.

Today  was a busy day, with morning chores while Rich was working.  Thankfully the stock market closed at one.  Neighbors Phil and Doreen stopped by to wish us Merry Xmas and drop off a gift and card.  Then we spent most of the afternoon finishing up the baking.  Rich made his pumpkin pies, and I had made chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies and peanut butter fudge, then did up a batch of biscuits.

Chores done, baking finished it was time to relax with a good beverage.  Rich opted for his daily Budweiser, and I enjoyed a delicious Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Eggnog!  

Christmas Eve dinner was nothing fancy; just some good old fashioned "comfort food".  It was homemade macaroni and cheese and biscuits, with pumpkin pie for dessert!. I had recorded two or three movies - which we didn't watch, because all three we had seen before.   But we did get in about half of a Christmas movie before we called it a night.  

Santa will only make a quick stop here tonight.  Just long enough to fill our stockings.  

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