Monday, February 8, 2016

A pretty busy week

Wow, it's been almost a week since I've updated.  Time just seems to fly by so quickly any more, or everyone is so busy these days, it's even hard to find time to spend with friends!

It has been real nice having some cooler weather, and even Rich has donned the sweats, to get out fishing, even if it has been only out on the dock.  He went out on Tuesday for only about an hour, and within the first five minutes hooked on to two pickerel;  nothing after that.

  Plans were for him and his friend Nathan to head out fishing on Saturday morning. The boat was ready, he had a dozen and a half minnows and a dozen or so worms, up before 7:00 am and ready to go. We had checked the weekend forecast just a day or two before, but this morning it looked real cloudy. Checked the weather and there was a 70% chance of rain - so the guys called off the fishing venture.

But despite the forecast, the weather just continued to get better throughout the morning and early afternoon.   Rich decided to just go fish off the dock.  He had a lot of company too; Zolfo and Augie, the dogs next door, gave him a hearty welcome, and a beautiful egret landed on the dock and spent most of his time just a few feet from Rich.  This was one that we had not seen before, very pretty, with almost a lime green color around the eyes.   Only thing he hooked onto was a nice large mouth bass..................and a mud turtle!  It would have been a real nice morning out on the lake.

Mid to late afternoon the rain did arrive and hung around for several hours.

No thunderstorms, but it did rain quite hard and quite steady.  There was the lovely Blue Heron, who perched himself on the dock railing and did not move for hours!

Rich had hoped the guys could make it out fishing on Sunday, since Saturday was a wash.......but the lake was covered with white caps, with winds about 15 mpr.

About mid week, we got a nice surprise from my nephew Dan Benjamin.  Dan
lives in North Carolina, and a week or so hit a deer.  Sheriff let him take it home, where he dressed  and then cut up the meat.  We've heard that he makes a pretty mean Venison Jerky and that he's seriously thought of selling it.  When we  received a package in the mail from him, it included  Plain, Pepper, Cheyenne, and Honey flavored Jerky!  I am not a big jerky person, but Rich said it was excellent.

Rich made a trip into Sebring late in the week to go to the Gun Range for some shooting practice again.

Determined that the ear plugs that he uses had to be replaced.  Noise is so loud inside.  Also as he learns more about using the gun, he's figured out that he has to do some minor adjustments with the sights, as his shots are hitting about 4 inches further to the left than his aim.

A trip for gun oil, ear muffs and ammunition was also necessary.   Awaiting order from Amazon for 34dbnrr Ear Muffs.

And on Saturday evening we tuned in to the Republican Presidential Debate!

With other plans for the weekend, we didn't think we'd have time to visit the Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibits at the Highlands
County Fair, Devane Park on the circle  here in Lake Placid.  But between the fishing on the dock, and the late afternoon rain, we headed down to check things out.  They expected about 25,000 people over the two days.  Not bad for this little town.

We actually found a place to park real close to the circle.  Glad, because I knew that even though the event area is small that after making the rounds, my back we appreciate a short jaunt back to the car.

There were really a lot of different vendors set up, and some of then quite unique. The outdoor water fountains, painting demonstration/exhibit and of course Henscratch Farms were a few of my favorites.

Not long after arriving we found our way to Toby's Clowns where we were hoping we'd find our friends Lavern and Bob Krisby, aka Fluffy and Silly Willy.  And we did.......and were introduced to a few of the other funny faces. And as I got ready to shoot a picture of Rich with the two of them, this nice gentleman told me to get in the picture too.....  And three of the other clowns joined in before he took our picture.  Very nice guy!!.........  And Rich got to go fishing again, in the kiddie pool.  We ventured on a little further and found our neighbor, John Thompson, aka the Trunkman.  His supply of trunks was a bit low - but only because he'd had a good day selling!  Great news.

A few more exhibits/booths...... Pretty much anything you wanted to eat, Hot Dogs, Sausage, Chicken Skewers, Gourmet Dips, Fudge and Candies, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Strawberry Shortcake, Funnel Cakes  and more.........

 Yes Rich found his way to the tent with the funnel cakes, and I found the wine tent!  And we stopped and checked out  the caladium, the veggie, the flowers and crafts...

And always a favorite are the animals, where today we saw the turtles, and iguanas, the eagle and the cats and dogs from the Sebring Animal Shelter.

Not a bad week after all.

Highlight for this coming week, will be the arrival of our favorite canine visitor.  Miss Ava will be arriving on Wednesday and staying with us until next Monday, while Mom and Dad are away.  That will be a fun time for sure.

And I've got another new recipe to try this week; a ham and potato casserole with another batch of cheddar biscuits!

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