Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Rich

Actually, yesterday was Rich's birthday, but don't want to miss documenting the great day that we had.  He got so many birthday wishes on face book, that he was still replying and thanking people today.  Never thought you would see either of us on face book - but have to admit, it's fun keeping in touch with family and friends.

Up and about early in the morning ( has to have his coffee before he gets busy
with the stock market).  But by 8:00 o'clock he was awake enough to read his birthday card, and open his birthday gift.  A new shirt!  But I really think he was more excited about the cake - with butter cream icing!

No surprise.

More Birthday wishes on face book - And this one, a special one from his son Dennis.

At 5:00 o'clock, we met Nick and Tonyia at the Mexican Restaurant here in town, where they treated both of us to dinner to celebrate Rich's birthday.  Thank you so much, Nick and Tonyia - so very gracious of you.   Burritos and Fajitas - Dinner was excellent.

And later in the evening the phone rang and it was the yearly birthday call!  Birthday greetings from the whole family - one at a time, Dennis, then Chauna, then Dalton, then Krystal!  What a nice surprise!

So blessed to have such a great family and friends.

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