Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cold Weather, Celebrations and Friendly Gatherings

 Have to start this blog with a Happy 18th Birthday wishes to our handsome, smart, talented, absolutely awesome Grandson, Dalton.  Love and Hugs from Pa Pa and Grandma Do Donald!    Dalton turned 18 on February 13th!  A few of our favorite 2015 photos ......from Black Lake, Playing with the Davenport West Marching Band, with his girlfriend Sara, and my favorite, with his Dad, Dennis, and Pa Pa, Rich.

This past week, we have had some of the coldest days so far this winter.
 February is usually our coldest month, and about mid week we got down, well into the 30's.  This house is very well insulated, and we have yet, in over 2 years, to turn the heat on.  We did however, get the fire on in the fireplace, long enough to take the chill out!

Friends Nathan and Krystal needed to head out for a few days for some horse training classes, so on Wednesday they dropped off Miss Ava.  As always we truly enjoy having her around.   And from the pictures below - you can see we spoil her a lot.  But I think she likes it!  She is such a sweetheart!

On Saturday, friends that we have not seen a quite a while came to spend the day with us.   They got here early morning, so that Rich and Nick could head out in the boat and some fishing.   They were gone for 4 or 5 hours - but the fish were no where to be found!  At least it was a beautiful day to be out on the lake.  While they were gone, Tonyia and I played some Mexican Train and opened a bottle of Moscato! Unlike me - she's not real big on white wine, but I always keep a bottle of Moscato - because I know she likes it. 

We played three games of Mexican Train, and I LOST all three!!!!

They stayed for most of the day, enjoying a dinner of goulash and meatballs, Italian bread and home made cheddar biscuits.    Good food, good friends, good wine..........  What more could you ask for? 

 And is Valentine's Day!  

On Wednesday Rich started coming down with a cold/flue like symptoms. and had a couple of pretty nasty days. Saturday felt a little better - but today he's back to doing a whole lot of resting. 

Today - I woke up with a bit of a stuffy nose and scratchy throat!  Oh NO!!!!

We had been thinking of going out for dinner ----------- but Not Today!!!  Looks like it will be left overs or Take out/Deliver for dinner tonight.

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