Friday, July 8, 2016

Week 4 Continued

There is nothing that can top visiting with family, so  I would normally say that  week #4  can not get any better.....But while Dan and the family have left for home, we may get another visit on Friday for a couple of days, as long as the weather cooperates.  Baby brother Dave and his canine buddy Jake will visit and spend a couple of nights.   Keeping our fingers crossed.....Worst case,  we will reschedule for another week later this month.

The fishing has definitely improved!    On Monday we headed out after dinner for only a couple of hours and caught 59  fish.  Rich 36, including 28 crappie, 7 perch ( 2 really nice keepers) and a small mouth Bass - but not quite 15".  I had 20 crappie and 3 smaller perch.  But it by far our best day, and we brought it some nice keepers.  Tuesday - pretty windy, but we still  brought in about 20 fish.  The freezer is getting pretty full - so we decided not to keep any.

Monday night we were treated to some more fireworks over the water......

On Wednesday we headed out about 3:00 pm and fished for a couple of hours.  I caught some nice crappie and an OK perch, but Rich hooked on to a beauty.  A 10 1/2 lb, 28 + inch Catfish!!!  Got almost 3 lbs of fish fillets from this one.   Nice job Rich!

We were back out fishing both Thursday and Friday.  Friday we awoke to rain, but managed to get out later in the day, after dinner for about 2 1/2 hours, before the rain was threatening again.  Calling for Thunderstorm tonight and most of the day Saturday.    We had a really good week fishing this 4th week.  And today Rich was hitting the Bass, catching FIVE!!!!   Two keepers and three that were 13 - 14 inches.

So  at the end of week four - we have doubled our fish count.    At the end of three weeks our fish total was 143 total fish.  This week - week four - we caught a total of 143 fish.  Rich 76 and Donna 67.

Total Fish count to date
Rich 148    Donna - 124    (Plus 14 caught fishing with Bill)   Total 286

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  1. We are a bit jealous cause we love fishing! You two are awesome friends who excel at
    everything!!Many hugs to you both!