Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 5 Ends - Great Start to Week 6

Week 5 just continued to be a "bad weather" week.   More rain, and lots and lots of winds.    Needless to say the fish count for week five was absolutely embarrassing!!!   Grand total of 15 fish; 8 for Rich and 7 for me.  So the total to date at the end of the week was 301.

But when the white caps were gone, and the sun came out - the view was beautiful!

And so week 5 came to an end - but not before my baby brother David arrived along with his best buddy Jake about 3:30 on Friday afternoon.  Jake and Dave got familiar with the camp, the lake and met a few of our friends that were still here.

We had a great fish fry (crappie and perch), french fries, slaw and later shared some cheesecake for dessert.  Spent some time next door with Roger and Gloria  and sat around just catching up/talking till bed time.

Brother Dave is not a big on Saturday (Week 6 Begins)  he and I and Jake left the US mainland, taking the Thousand Island Bridge to the Wellesley Island State Park.  Located in the Thousand Island region along the St. Lawrence River.  We hiked the trails for over 4 miles, enjoying  the beauty of mother nature.

The trail were very well marked - some easy going others ( indicated by the red markers on the trees) steep, rocky and narrow.   Some great views of the narrows along the River and Eel Bay, the slabs of Sandstone, and along the pothole trail - the two glacial formed pot holes.   There were several lookout points - where you could stop and rest and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Jake is a beautiful chocolate lab - who loves to hike as much as his Dad.  He minds very very well, so unless there were a lot of people around, Jake made his hike OFF the leash.   He'd always stop to see where we were, and frequently, took a dip in the river, when the trails led that way.

Below are a couple of shots of Davis and I taking a rest along the trails.   You can see here, how steep the trails became at times.

And - some of my favorite "scenery" shots..............and yes that includes the "outhouse" along the trail.  

And a few more of my favorites.  The one at the lower left - was taken at the Butterfly House near the end of the trails.

When we returned to the cabin  - Rich was still out fishing, ( He ended up getting 5 crappie and 5 perch)... but left us a note that we were invited to Bills for dinner.
Bill had a couple dozen burgers that he wanted to use up.  I had some coleslaw left from the day before, and one of the campers leaving, had given us a big dish of pasta salad, so we took that over with us.  Others did the same.............. We had lots of food!  Brad ( the owner - top left) joined us as did Gloria and Bill, Bills visiting guest Brad, and the folks from Pennsylvania who arrived in cabin 2 today ( can't remember their names - but remember them from last year).  Great get together that ended with Rich and I and David and Jake, and Gloria and Brad making a trip up the road for ice cream!  Even Jake got a treat - his own little dog bone sundae - that he really really enjoyed!!!    Bottom right -  picture of baby brother and I saying goodbye on Sunday morning.   It was a great visit!

After Dave and Jake left - we were undecided as to whether we wanted to go out fishing or head to Ogdensburg, where the NYS Bass Tournament was ending, and see the big catch of the day and check out the vendors......We decided to go fishing!

It was a pretty good day.  Rich caught 12 fish - 2 Redear (Shellcracker), 5 Perch (including one nice keeper, about 10 1/2 inches. ) 2 Crappie, a 13" small mouth bass, and 2 nice Catfish ( 16" and the other over 20").  I caught 2 Perch, 4 Crappie and  15 1/8" small mouth bass.   We took in the one perch, my bass, both the catfish and three nice crappie about the size of the perch.    Oh yeah....... Rich lost a big one!

 So - I hope the rest of week 6  continues with good weather and good fishing.  So far this week our total is only 29.............but it's only Monday!

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