Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 5 - Black Lake

Our 5th week started out rainy and stormy.  We cancelled plans to have my brother Dave visit, given the nasty weather forecast for the weekend.  Hopefully he'll be able to make it next weekend.

Saturday we woke up to rain and it remained rainy with thunder storms most of the day.   No fishing.  The storms were pretty strong and the lake was shaded with cloud cover and rough from the winds most of the day.

On Sunday we again awoke to rain and like Saturday it rained most of the day, on and off.  We headed out with our rain gear.  It rained on and off - but was a bit misty most of the time.  You would think that the fishing would be good - but we fished for a couple of hours and caught only two fish.  Nothing on the jig today - not even a baby perch.  We fished our second pole with a minnow.  I caught a nice crappie - but Rich, once again had the catch of the day.  A nice 28" Northern Pike. 

And the sun over the lake at sunset on Suday evening after the rain was just beautiful!

Saturday most all of the cabins emptied and new people arrived.  This should be a fun week.  Friends that we met here last year Roger and Gloria from down near Rochester, and  the teachers Paul and Patti are back in cabin 6.  All the cabins are full this week - so hopefully we'll have some good campfire nights.

On Monday Paul was out entertaining us with his bagpipes.  Once the music started, people wandered over to listen......Even the boats on the lake ..........

And today I gave Gloria a ride to Ogdensburg to pick up her car, which was having some work done and a new tire put on.  She is such a thoughtful person.  When she returned to the camp she brought a goodie from Dunkin Donuts for the two of us,  two plastic wine glasses for us to share our favorite beverage and a hand towel that says  I'm Not Old - I'm Vintage!   Love it.   Thank you Gloria.

She and Roger headed out fishing later in the afternoon, and then we shared our first glass of wine!   We've invited them over for a fish fry.........and they invited us to enjoy our beverage on a nice cruise around the lake on their pontoon!   That should be fun!

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