Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 6 - Continued

Monday was a very windy day with scattered thunderstorms, and laundry day for me!  The forecast here in the North Country - called for severe storms, with damaging hail and winds at 30 miles/hour.    We did not get enough rain to even mention - but the winds kept us from fishing all day.

Tuesday  was a good fishing day - at least for Rich!!    We drifted on the other side of the lake near "The Pimple"  (photo below).    I think I ended the day with a grand total of four........... but Rich had 20.  17 crappie ( 14 nice keepers), 2 perch - one that was a nice keeper AND a really nice Small Mouth Bass - over 16 inches!  The other fish is a great fighter - a 24 plus inch Cat that he caught on Wednesday evening.

Both Monday and Tuesday nights the campers gathered around the campfire.   And on Tuesday night the folks in cabin 7 set off a few fireworks ( sparkler type) for the kids.  Nice group of people.    Pictures ( except for the fireworks) were taken on Monday - Tuesday, the temperatures dropped and we were ALL (including ME) in our long pants and sweat shirts.

Pictures of the moon over the water never come out very good for me.  It was so beautiful on Thursday evening ----------------

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