Friday, September 23, 2016

An extended weekend.....of FUN we hope!

Made some plans to just get away for a few days - not too far away.  Always something to do in or around the Orlando area, so on Thursday, mid afternoon we packed the car and headed for Kissimmee, FL.   And a couple of hours later we arrived at our hotel.    We've stayed at this hotel 3 or 4 time, the last time, about a year ago.  In the last year - it has really started to go down hill.  Our friends warned us several days ago, and suggested that we cancel our reservations.

Now - having said that it has deteriorated, is true, but the room was still clean, the breakfast was great, the people are friendly and the price was right.  But the place really does need a face-lift.  Our biggest issues - the beds are not real comfortable, and trying to find a place to plug anything in, that is relatively convenient is not real easy.  WORST of all - they have reduced the number of TV stations, particularly the news stations.  The ONLY one we get, is one we NEVER watch - and that's CNN!!!  So you can imagine how happy that made Rich!

Anyway!!!!  We settled in and then headed out for dinner about 5:00.  Had a free $50 gift certificate for the Longhorn Steakhouse.    Dinner was excellent!  Yes - that's right.........even I thought it was excellent.

When we go to Outback - we always order the Blooming Onion.....The closest we could find here was the Texas Tonions...... drizzled with a little sour cream , with a side of nice spicy dip.  Yummy!  Rich ordered the Rib-eye with a loaded baked potato, and I had the 6oz Filet with a Sweet potato.   The meat was so tender it just melted in your mouth.   And the Medium/Rare was just perfect; warm red in the middle.

We decided to head over to Old Town, with the intention of going to the Great Magic Hall for the later showing at 9:00.  We spent a couple of hours wandering the streets.............   Checking out all the unique stores........

And the places for entertainment..........

It was a Thursday night, so there were not a lot of folks around....but it was the parade of Motor Cycles...........and there were tons of bikes there..some really really cool.    And we enjoyed the Golf Carts that were out and about..

By the time we made our rounds, it was only about 8:20, and I could tell that Rich's back was bothering him..........and I don't think either one of us, at this point felt like walking back to the Magic Show.   So we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.

Friday - still a work day for Rich, so we'll probably stay in most of the day.  But plans are to head for the Rodeo Friday night at the Kissimmee  Sports Arena.  Saturday we'll be heading for Plant City, for my sister-in- laws final ritual at the Funeral home, and then to my nephews ( her son's) afterwards.  We'll head somewhere on Sunday afternoon, and then head for Capones Sunday night.

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