Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Show Palace and Tarpon Sponge Docks

It's been weeks since I last updated this blog.........but with the exception of the rain and thunderstorms, and watching to see where Hurricane Hermine was heading - not too much going on.    Pretty much just planning some fun get-aways.   Have not even been out for dinner!!!  But we did enjoy a delicious Stromboli one night and Rich tried a new pie crust!!!  He found this recipe for pie crust which called for one Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix, one whole egg and 3 egg yolks, and butter........  He thought about using this for his pumpkin pies on the next Holiday - but decided to try it first.  Plans for Cherry Tarts turned out to be a Cherry Pie.  And as you can see - he's not real good at a two crust he just made a Smiley Face!  How was the pie?????  The Cherry filling was delicious..........the crust???? Not too good.

As for the fun-getaways,  I've booked 3 so far.
And on Saturday morning we packed and headed to Sebring to meet up with Nick and Tonyia.  Nick was the driver for the weekend, and after checking out all of the construction underway with the remodel of their home, we packed the car and headed for New Port Richey, where we would be spending the night.

We stopped in Bartow at the Perkins Restaurant for brunch, and despite me not being a big fan of Perkins, I have to admit that everything was very good.   We arrived at the Quality Inn and Suites in New Port Richey, around 4PM and got settled in.  Nice enough hotel - very large, great pool area, and a Lounge/Restaurant.  Unfortunately - our rooms were WAY in the back, and definitely showed a lack of proper housekeeping.  I don't think either of our bathrooms were cleaned!  Rich and Nick grabbed a beer and Tonyia and I opened a bottle of wine.  Plenty of time before we headed to the dinner-theatre.

While Hurricane Hermine came one shore here in Florida a bit further north.... low lying areas along the coast of Tampa Bay did experience some flooding.  We observed a lot of standing water along the roads and neighborhoods both in New Port Richey and on our way to Hudson.

On Saturday evening we had reservations at the Show Palace Dinner Theatre in Hudson, Fl, and we arrived just before 6:00 PM.  Before dinner we ordered a cocktail, selecting "King of the Road"  which included an ice cream base, Bailey's Irish Cream and root beer, topped with whipped cream, and served in a souvenir hurricane glass that we could take home.   Despite being a little short on the Bailey's - it was delicious!  Dinner was buffet style and included Roast Pork, Crusted Backed Pollock, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Lasagna Rolls, Rice, Mixed Vegetables, and Salad Bar, with Jello, Bread Pudding, or Rice Pudding for dessert.  Food was pretty good.

The show, "Route 66" left a whole lot to be desired.  It was four guys who did nothing but sing ( and not very good) and attempted to dance a little. The staging/props were pretty much what you see in the picture.  It was a bit TOO corny, and far from entertaining.   I've seen more talent in a High School Play!  Pretty much the worst dinner/theater event we've ever attended, and certainly no where near worth the price we paid.  

The next morning we left the hotel a little earlier than planned since the weather station was reporting that several areas were being evacuated because of local flooding.......... I was getting a bit upset - the show was bad enough the night before, and I did not need today to be "wash"!  

And it was not.............. We checked out of the hotel, and got 20% deducted from each of our bills after informing them of the condition of our rooms.  And a half hour later we parked at the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs.

And over the course of the next couple of hours we made our way along the streets, stopping to check out the sponge ships docked along the shore.

We continued on checking out many a shop or bakery  and even stopped for some  Chips on a Stick!

Below are several more of my favorite pictures taken while visiting the docks.

And Nick surely did his share of shopping!

Rich totally agreed that this was 100% ME!

I am standing at the front of this huge, historic Sponge Diving Boat. 

Enjoying some of scenery ...........This one caught Tonyia's eye!

Yes - This is what Rich comes to the Sponge Docks for......... Best Greek Pastries!
( but he did share with all of us!)

Glad that friendly cop came by - and offered to take this one of Rich and I

We didn't do a lot of shopping - but we did take home this beautiful turtle wood chime. 

Nick and Tonyia also took home a wind chime, a beautiful sun dress AND all that stuff Nick was carrying in that other picture!!!  But one more stop before we left to pick up a loaf of Greek bread,

But wait folks............we are NOT done shopping yet!   As we headed for home, Nick wanted to make ONE more stop.  And so we pulled into the Oldsmar Flea Market.   Would have loved to spend the rest of the afternoon wandering through here, but both Tonyia's and Rich's back and legs had had enough for the day...... and Nick had found what he wanted for his yard!

And so we headed for home, crossing the Sunshine Sky Way Bridge.    A beautiful structure across Tampa Bay.................... Last stop was for lunch/dinner at  Cracker Barrel Restaurant before the last leg home.  

Less than a mile from Nick and Tonyia's where our car was parked - the transmission went in their car.  Pretty darn frightening........fortunately we were not traveling at a high speed or it could have been a pretty serious event!

Nick, Tonyia - Hope all goes well with the repair............or replacement vehicle!  Thanks for joining us this weekend.  We always have a great time with you guys!     See you in a couple of weeks in Ft. Myers!!!

Yes - two more trips are planned, and I still need to work in the cataract surgery in between.   Next trip is a four day trip to Kissimmee, Fl.   - just Rich and I this time!  And then to the Broadway Palm in Ft. Myers, again with Nick and Tonyia.  Our good friends Buddy and Diane are back in town - so I expect that the six of us (with Nathan and Krystal) will resume our monthly get togethers.

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