Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dinner with friends...........and Family update.

Not a whole lot going on the past week or so.    That constant, every day thunderstorm is starting to die down, so it's getting that time to start some outside chores.  The days are still pretty darn hot, but we decided to get the cleaning supplies and pull out the hose and get both the front porch and the back lanai cleaned.  It has not been done since the end of both were looking pretty bad.  Top to bottom - the ceiling, the screens the furniture, the floor........

 Twice a month we can put out our pulled weeds, branches etc. to be taken away.  So we did find time to get out and get some weeding done all the way around the house, as well as cut  a few of the bigger branches.

While pulling weeds, Rich made a new friend.  This little one would let pet him.  When he would start to walk away the squirrel would run right back to him.

A busy week for family business too:  Sunday September 11th, my baby brother turned 63. He and his "best bud" celebrated with a sausage/egg croissant, hash browns and coffee at DD's, a three mile/one and a half hour hike at Clark Reservation State Park, and a birthday dinner of Delmonico Steak and Scallops!  Wish we could have been there to help him celebrate!  But I did send him Birthday Greetings and this card from Jake:

 At the same time Dennis and Crystal met up with Dalton at the University in Iowa City for the Iowa Hawkeye's game both on the 10th and again on the 17th!  Dennis is constantly taking selfies..............and always manages to get some pretty good ones.  One of himself - a couple with Dalton, and one with him and Crystal and Dalton on the train to Kinnick Stadium.

Davenport West High School, where Chauna attends, was on lock-down for a few hours because of the proximity of an escaped convict with a gun.  Guy was caught and all were safe - but a bit of a scare!!!

Chauna and her boyfriend Ryan also attended the Homecoming Dance this past week.  A few pictures of our beautiful grand daughter and Ryan  from their special day below!  

Once a month there are six of us that try to get together, at least for dinner.  Rich and I and Buddy and Diane were gone a good part of the summer, so it was May when we last got together.   Buddy and Diane got back just a week ago so we made plans to meet at our favorite place, the Hibachi Grill in Sebring.    Unfortunately, Krystal was having one of her not so good days..............and we really missed seeing her.  But we were so glad that Nathan was able to join us.  We can't wait to get back to their place to visit..........Nathan has built a new target game............for the guys to practice their shooting skills!  

  And just a few days later, on Wednesday, our good friends Nick and Tonyia were passing through Lake Placid, gave us call, and came to visit and show us their new Nissan Altima!   We all decided to head into town for dinner at the Golden Corral.   Can not believe I did not bring my camera!!!!    That's OK - I'll catch them in another week when we head for the Broadway Palm and the Shell Factory in Ft. Myers.

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