Monday, September 26, 2016

Friday at the Rodeo in Kissimmee

Friday was pretty much a work day for Rich so nothing was planned, as far as during the day.  Pretty good breakfast at the hotel so we wandered on down before it closed at 9:30.  We decided to do dinner before we headed to the rodeo instead of just getting something at their concessions stands.  It was one of those days when we were not real sure where we wanted to go, or what we were hungry for.  We saw a Subway, it looked good to both of we stopped.   Unfortunately something was wrong with their registers, they could not ring up anything, take a credit card OR even make we left.

Just a few doors down was a Pizzeria!  Checked out the menu and decided to give it a try.  Rich ordered a Calzone, which  he said was very good, and I ordered a meatball sub (which is what I wanted at Subway!). I'm don't like mozzarella cheese on my meatballs - so it was not as good as I'd hoped.  

While waiting for our meal, we noticed a Ms. Pac Man Game!  Rich used to always play the Space Invader game - but Ms Pac Man could keep me happy for hours!  Unfortunately - the only thing this one did was eat my quarter! Oh well.

Friday night we headed to the Kissimme Sports Arena Rodeo.   It was looking a whole lot like rain.........but fortunately it passed us by.  We arrived almost an hour before start time, so wandered around a few minutes and decided to go into the lounge for a drink.

It was a really really hot evening - but with the threat of rain we decided to sit in the bleachers with the roof instead of the open!  Despite the hot weather and the hard bleacher seats...........the rodeo was very very entertaining.  Would definitely go back again.  Really hard to get good pictures with the bright lights.....but managed a few.  

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