Monday, October 24, 2016

Pirates........or should I say ARRRRRRRGH!

On Saturday we were invited to Nick and Tonyia's for a cookout and fire.............. or in Pirate translation..................

"On Saturday we were invited t'what crawled out o' t' bung hole with our buckos."

These two have pretty much created a Pirates Paradise, Key West Beach Party, right in their own back yard.    And today was a beautiful "beach day" sunny with a taste of a breeze an cooling down for the campfire. Couldn't pass up a picture with the skeleton enjoying a refreshing drink just outside the Parrot-head Tiki Bar. 

Enjoyed the balmy weather sitting around the fire, donning some pirate gear, and enjoying a beer or " shots o' Fireball Cinnamon or Rum Chada grog".  And Nick and Tonyia started dinner on the grill.

Dinner was excellent!  We had  "what crawled out o't' bung hole was pork chops and corn on t'cob of t' grill, with pasta salad."  By the time we cleaned up the kitchen and went outside, the sun was down and the fire was a'flamin!   Nick brought us another shot of fireball, and turned up the Reggae music!  

"Thank'ee kindly, me furriends! Yd be fine pirates. Yo-ho-ho!  But time t'say Ahoy mateys, a quiet slumber it be............"

And a quiet slumber we needed indeed, for Sunday was back to reality.  Finished up some yard work, washed and cleaned the bugs off the front of the car.  The palm off the trees are cut, tied and put out front, and all the wood and bush trimmings are bagged and ready to go out  Wednesday morning before they come to pick up.

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