Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fun Day with Good Friends

On Saturday we headed down to Ft. Myers, Fl with our good friends Nick and Tonyia for a matinee showing at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater, and then a stop at the Shell Factory.

We were on the road about 10:00 am.  Generally, in the past, our trips to the Broadway Palm included and evening event, with an overnight stay.  We managed to get some good seats, just the second row back from the stage, for the afternoon showing - so we decided, since it was only an hour and a half drive that we could make it down and back the same day.

The food is always good, the soup is hot, the salad is crisp and fresh and the entree's, a good selection and well prepared, and of course way too many desserts to choose from.  While the food was good, none of us thought the selection of entrees was as good as on previous visits.  

Once dinner was complete, and Rich and Nick and Tonyia went out for their cigarette was time for the show to start.  Today's Show:  Yesterday', The Rockin' 50's and Groovin' 60's.!   And as the show began, all four of us were thinking of our last weekend at the Show Palace, which was a disaster...............and we all were hoping that this would not be a repeat performance.    The show was outstanding!  A great group that entertained us with awesome singing and lots of laughter!

We assumed that the show we would over by mid afternoon, so made plans to drive north about 20 minutes and stop in at the Shell Factory.   Rich and I have been here a couple of times - but have yet to visit the Nature Park.    The park would close by 5:00 o'clock - so we wandered for an hour or so through the gift shop!  Some great cool stuff to buy.   Like our last stop - Nick and Tonyia did a bunch of shopping; today for the Tiki Bar and Beach area in their outdoor paradise!

It's a pretty unique place to visit....... but some things can be pretty pricey!

Nick and Tonyia did a lot more shopping than we did.........but we did take a home a new fishin' hat for Rich and a pair of sandals for me!

So much to eat at the show - that it wasn't until after 7:00 that Rich grabbed a couple of hot dogs, and I fixed a small fajita with some leftover chicken/onions and peppers, we watched a few programs and called it a day.

On Sunday I spent TWO hours on the road driving back and forth to Lowe's in Sebring.  The mini blind in the guest bedroom broke, so we needed a replacement.  Told them, inside mount, width of opening is 35 3/4", so I wandered around the store waiting to have him cut one to size.  Took it home, would not fit!  Rich measured - it was 36".  Took it back.  Told me that while I waited to have it cut, he had cut TWO, because the first one he cut the wrong size.............and he gave me the wrong one to take home.  At least I didn't have to wait - we just exchanged boxes and I was on my way back home.  Fit perfectly!  

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