Monday, October 31, 2016

Just a quiet day at the beach today

Up early again this morning and caught the sunrise.  Much prettier today.

Even though we're spending the week at the beach, Rich is still following the stocks each day.  I'll keep my eyes on what's going on here during the day, and take off if anything catches my eye.  Today was the Animal Show, which I've seen several time, so I passed.  They also had Cash Bingo - but I elected not to go.  When I checked by the pool - it appeared that several others did the same.  They were also having a Halloween Costume party with prizes at Lily's Bar here at the resort - but that didn't start until 9:00..........and I didn't want to miss Dancing With the Stars!

We decided to stay in for dinner as well, so I fixed linguine and sausage, and we both had a shot or two of Rum Chada before dinner.  

Dinner was excellent.......  Rich watched the news, and I did the dishes.

With both of us having back and hip pain recently - a lot of walking has not been on the agenda, but we decided to wander on down and take a walk on the beach. Walked for about 25 minutes! Rich wanted to put his sweatshirt on before we left!!!!!  I told him he was not going to embarrass me!  He survived!

It was a beautiful early evening for a stroll.  The beach is not as nice as what it
used to be - thinking a lot of it is a result of the hurricane..........and it really needs some work.   But still enjoyed the evening walk, the waves and even the sand sculptures!!

Will check out what's going on here during the day tomorrow.............and then decide where we want to go for dinner.  We like Anacapri's for Stromboli, and Brano's for Italian - but not Italian again tomorrow!  I'd like to head down to either the Cocoa Pier or FishLips over in Port Canaveral one night.......and we've talked about Longhorn Steakhouse. Have to flip a coin - cuz we only have three more nights to eat out......Burgers  on the grill here one night.

Almost 11:00 - and time to call it a day.......Have to be up for sunrise in the AM

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