Friday, October 21, 2016

Baking, Yard Work and Meeting up with Friends!

Been a couple of weeks since updating, but until a few days ago it's seems to have been a whole lot of work!  It's that time of year again.  Unlike being up north and doing your "spring cleaning" in Florida it's primarily in the Fall when the outside work begins.  Summer is pretty much all rain and hot sun which leads to dirty sidewalks, driveways etc.   So we (mostly Rich) has been getting a lot done.  

The bushes and flower beds are pretty much my job.......but he did pull ALL the Azalea bushes that bordered the back lanai area.  Bushes gone, and all the lava rock in buckets......and the area is ready for new plants and power washing the concrete!   Not sure what will go there; may just put in new Azaleas - like the bright colors back there.   The front bushes and the plants in front are all trimmed.

Rich has been working on all the Palm Trees, cutting branches and cutting back the bark.  The ones in the back are almost done, and then he has a couple in the front to finish.  A lot of work, but the palm trees are looking so good!!

Last weekend, Rich was in the mood for baking, so he made a couple of loaves of yeast risen bread.   He did all the work.......I cleaned up the mess.  And we both enjoyed the bread!  First piece before it was completely cooled was awesome!!  Still have one loaf left in the freezer.

Our friends Rich and Dee Pagliaro contacted us over the weekend to let us know they were at the Peace River Campground in Wauchula......  Met these two several years ago in Wauchula when we learned to play pickleball....and it's been about three years since we last saw them. There travels have taken them to Alaska and out west........ So on Wednesday Rich and Dee, and Rich's brother and wife Laura , Nathan and Krystal, Buddy and Diane and Rich and I all met up at Homers in Sebring. ( Not one of our favorite places to eat - but Dee does not eat Chinese and wanted to go somewhere with a good salad bar).   We met at 5:30 and we didn't get home until about 8:00.  Catching up with what everyone has been up to, talking politics..........and just a real good evening and lots and lots of laughter.  

I took a picture from one end of the table, and Rich from the other - so we could get everyone in............ Rich and Dee will be setting up at the Pumpkin Festival this weekend - but we've made tentative plans for all of us to get together again during the week for a happy hour at their place, before they leave the park next Saturday.

And got some pictures for Iowa...It was Senior Hat night at the last football game of the season. Go Davenport West High School Falcons..........  Love the picture of Chauna with her Dad!

Well -I'm sure it will be more yard work this weekend, hopefully a happy hour one night during the week, and then we're off to Cocoa Beach on Saturday!

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