Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Clowning Around~

Busy day today.  Headed into Sebring to finish up the last of my Christmas Shopping.  Did my grocery shopping on the way back home.  Wanted to make sure that the Turkey thaws by Christmas!   Plans are for Pasta and meatballs for Christmas Eve, Turkey for Christmas Day, Shrimp Scampi for New Years Eve, ..... and New Years Day is still up in the air......... We're considering our annual New Year's day get together.........and need to make up our minds soon, so we can let people know!!!  

Wrapped presents and put them under the tree!

Buddy and Diane had been wanting to meet up at Golden Corral - but we've put it off for several months, since it's such a long drive for Nathan and Krystal.  Since they had just returned from their cruise, they would not be joining us this month, so we set tonight to meet up here in Lake Placid.

  When I saw that Bob and Lavern were back in Lake Placid, I called them and asked them to join us.   And they did!!

Buddy and Diane arrived in their holiday attire!!

And, needless to say, the rest of the evening was laughter and entertainment!

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