Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year's Eve!

Well, it's been back to painting the last couple of days.  Rich has been down on the dock, and has everything painted that needed to be done by "brush". By this time next week, the new wood that he put down, should be dry and he'll do that with the sprayer.  I finished up the back deck - with the exception of putting one more coat on the floor.

Took a trip into Sebring this afternoon.  Rich needed some clamps, a new shop vac and we were looking for some post top solar lights to replace the ones that don't work down on the dock.......but didn't find what we wanted.   Stopped for gas and a dozen minnows, in hopes of getting out fishing sometime over the next couple of days.

Found the fans/lights we want for the sun room and a chandelier for over the dining room table.  Saw them on-line at Lowe's - but they did not have them in stock at the store - so going to order them on-line.

We were hoping to find the "palm fan" type blades- but the only sizes we could find were just too big for the room............These should work fine.

We're about ready to book a cottage/house on the Mississippi River in Iowa - just
a couple of hours from our son's house.  Probably stay at least two weeks.   Grand-daughter will be graduating from high school. Sits right on the river bank, and sleeps 12-14.  Enough room for the family and the kids boyfriend/girlfriends, if they want to come as well for a few days.  Three kayaks, a canoe and a john boat!   Just waiting for  the exact date of graduation, before we book.   Hope it all works out.

 Not sure if we'll make it until midnight tonight to ring in the new year.........but
it's almost 11:00 pm now - and I'm still up........and the light is still on in the bedroom - which means  Rich still has the TV on!   Earlier today, we had a great New Year's Eve dinner.  Steaks on the grill, baked potato and asparagus..........and a small glass of Rum Chada!    Nothing special for dessert - still finishing up the Christmas goodies.

And so - to all our family and friends.........we wish you a happy, healthy, joyful, and blessed 2017!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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