Sunday, December 11, 2016

Getting our Dog Fix!

Miss Ava arrived just after dinner on Friday evening.  She'll be with us for the week while her mom and dad are cruising the Western Caribbean.  I think it's been about a year since she's been she was a little nervous the first night.  But she seems to have settled in.

Saturday was a beautiful day; nice enough to leave the windows and doors open.  Nice for Ava too.  She could go in and out to the lanai, to her favorite chair, any time she wanted.    And she got to see her two friends next door, Zolfo and Augie.

Sunday morning, Rich painted the block in the back yard and a portion of the walk on the side of the walk with a concrete sealer.  Both of those areas tend to get pretty dirty and moldy, so that should help.   But we made our way to the dock, walking around the side yard..................and it was a hoot, watching her help Rich while he finished up some repair on the storage bin.    She was pretty tired out when she came inside........headed for her favorite spot atop the sofa pillows in front of the window.

Hope to get some more power washing done tomorrow, most importantly, finishing up everything on the dock/boathouse, so it will be ready for painting.    I have an appointment with the dermatologist in the  late morning, and then hope to finish up most of my Xmas shopping - so that I can get the family gifts in the mail.  Tomorrow evening is the Placid Lakes, members annual meeting and Christmas dinner at the Country Club, and it's just Phil and Doreen going this year, as Al and Barb are still in Indiana, and Dianne, next door is going in for knee surgery tomorrow.

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