Saturday, February 11, 2017

Not a lot going on..............

Can't believe how fast time flies!!  It's been more than a week, and not a whole lot going on.  

Medical update:  Rich has had 2 more sessions with the chiropractor, the last one one about three days ago, at which time he was released!   His back has not bothered him at all.  However, he has not been able to keep up with the daily stretching/exercising.

Last Saturday he awoke in the morning, turned over in bed and had a terrible spell, room spinning, eyes spinning, very sick to his stomach.  Spells continued, although not as bad so he saw the doctor on Monday, who confirmed what we thought - that it was the same that I had last year; vertigo.  Went to Cora Rehab just one time for therapy and has not had a problem since. Has to take it easy for a few days (until Sunday), when he can resume exercises, and if no problem on Monday he can cancel his appt. on Tuesday.  Good so far!

We did make a trip into Sebring, back to Alan J GMC, traded in our Camry and came home with a 2017 Terrain.   I don't LOVE it...but I guess it will give us a lot more packing room when we travel Spring/Summer.   Between the trade in for the Camry, the dealer incentives, the free hitch and installation, and the earnings from our GM master card we were able to reduce the price by almost $14,000!

Rich was out back a couple of times, and today he used up the last to minnows in the bucket!  Just a couple small bass.   The Blue Heron stole one of his minnows  right off his line in the water, but did get  a small 14 inch bass with the last one. .  The Blue Heron was parked right there on the dock most of the time he was Rich threw him the fish!  WOW  - Could not believe he actually swallowed it whole!

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