Friday, February 3, 2017

It's February already !!!

The weather the last few days has been beautiful.  Nice sunshine, but low humidity.  And a couple of those days it was nice enough to have the windows and doors open!  Our neighbors Al and Barb, sold their house and our new neighbors (have not met them yet - they are gospel singers and travel a lot) they have moved in.

Rich has been back to the Chiropractor for his third manipulation and massage therapy session.  Started out with some light stretching exercises, and now he's supposed to do "crunches" each day to strengthen his core.  He's not having any more pain in the hips or legs..........and really starting to feel a lot better.   So Glad.

We both had our follow-up visits with the doctor, after having our blood work done.............and we got a perfect bill of health!  All the results were "perfect", according to Dr. Shechtman!

Rich has taken advantage of the nice days.  We've been planning early dinner, so that he can head down to the dock by about 4:30 and fish till dark.  I go down and join him, after the dishes are done, just to sit and watch and talk...  Not a whole lot of luck, a small 14 " large mouth bass and a couple of dogfish!  And a nightly visit by the beautiful Blue Heron.

I tried a new recipe the other day, Buckeye Brownie Cookies!   You use a brownie mix, add melted butter, cream cheese, and an egg.  Mix, make into a ball, thumb hole in the middle.  Then cream cheese and peanut butter, mix and roll into ball.  Place in the brownie hole and flatten a little. Bake and cool, then ice with chocolate icing.   I had ONE - and they are very very good! Rich took a 1/2 dozen over to the guys across the road.  And, of course, Rich makes a meal of them.........adding a heaping mound of whip cream!

Cleaned and vacuumed, shampooed the rugs, emptied the trunk and all compartments etc. inside of the car today.  Good chance we'll trade it in before the weekend's over.

Tomorrow is an early dinner with Buddy and Diane and then the four of us are going over to the Genesis Center, here in Lake Placid  for "The Legends Tribute to the Stars".  Music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's!  Should be a fun night!

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