Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The February Birthdays and Holidays begin.

Well hopefully the doctor visits are over.  Today Rich went for the sonogram of his carotid arteries, and that's the last scheduled visit for both of us.  Unfortunately between Rich being sick, and Buddy and Diane both coming down with the bug - we missed our Legends Tribute to the Stars that was scheduled for last week.  We heard from those who attended that it was an excellent show!!  Oh well.

 In the meantime, I continue to make Rich is goodies!  This past week was No Bake Cookies, and Banana Nut Muffins, along with a couple of Chocolate Cream filled donuts from Dunkin!

 Saturday the 13th was our grandson's birthday.  Nineteen years old............the last of the "teens"!

And of course today is Valentine's Day........   Love the Roses!  And thank you Rich for remembering I don't like RED!!!  They are
beautiful, but the hand made paper heart was extra special!!!  Cupid did not forget Rich...........of course ..............more chocolate  and peanut butter goodies!

We had made plans for dinner tonight at the Golden Corral with Buddy and Diane last week, not even thinking at the time, that it would be Valentine's Day!   We were there early,  about 4:20, and by 4:30 there was a line almost back to the door.  Special tonight was prime rib, shrimp and scallops!     Very good!    And believe it or not..... I forgot all about snapping a picture!  

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