Sunday, May 21, 2017

Busy day in the yard!

First - I have to share my Mother's Day flowers again, that I got from Dennis and the family.  It's now 10 days after they arrived by mail.  All the buds have blossomed and they are just beautiful!!

Now - Saturday!  What a day!  It was that one day each year, before we head north, that we check all the sprinklers.  It was a miserably hot day, so getting soaking wet from head to toe was actually quite welcoming!  And getting soaked we did!!! Dripping !   Rich cleaned and adjusted several of the heads, and now we are just praying for rain so that we don't need to move the underwater corrugated pipe in the canal!

More yard work - and that was the pineapple plants.  The one very large plant that was located next to the walk way needed to be removed.  Actually that was a third generation plant. Yes one we planted three years ago!  It was getting very very large and hanging over the sidewalk - which was driving me crazy!!! But four or five days ago, the weight of the pineapple broke the plant.  SO  we needed to harvest the pineapple a little sooner than we normally would have.  It is now sitting outside in the sun to ripen..........the plant is gone and we've moved the bird bath to that area.

If you remember, back in March we harvested one of our largest pineapples and starting the rooting process.  Today we (actually Rich) planted it along with the others on the side of the lanai.  The baby of the bunch!

Needless to say we were both exhausted by the end of the day.  Knowing we would have a busy day, I had made up some Chicken K-Bobs for dinner and had them marinating in the fridge all day!


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