Saturday, May 6, 2017

Just Catching up

Well the weather has not changed much........still so dry - but getting hotter for sure.  I don't think we had a half an inch of rain during the whole month of April............and so far May isn't looking too much better.   If the water in the canal gets too much lower, we'll need to turn off the lawn sprinklers!  Cuz we'll just be sucking in mud!

But the lack of rain has not affected the palm trees!  Once again we spent the better part of the day trimming and bundling for pick up last Tuesday.  Rich's back has been pretty I've been trying to do a good portion of the bending and carrying....

Speaking of Rich's back......he's been back to the doctor, is on pain medication and muscle relaxers, and going to CORA a couple of times a week for rehab therapy and that has made a difference.

Always checking out the nest to see if we can catch a glimpse of one of the baby Blue Heron........Got lucky finally and caught the little one looking out -------and Mom on watch duty!  Our resident Black Rat snake was out sunning himself a few days ago - and stopped to pose for the camera!
On Friday we took a break, drove to Hudson to see a show.  It's about a three hour drive one way..........and not the most scenic of routes.  Lots of traffic going and rainy while we were there, and lots of traffic coming back.   Took  County Road 70 and I 275 to Tarpon Springs going up...coming back OnStar took US CR 60, I-4 and 27 (terrible!!!)   But I always do enjoy the view from the Sunshine Sky way Bridge.........and then coming back the view from Bayshore Blvd.

This time we stayed at the Quality Inn and Suites in Tarpon Springs.   Lovely hotel, beautiful grounds, pool and jacuzzi, nice bar, open until 2AM, and a very nice hot breakfast in the morning.  Our room was very nice..........first floor, with slider and small patio/ sitting area outside the slider pool side.

We had originally planned on Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, but didn't find it.......stopped at Chili's but it was crowded with a long waiting line.........  Spotted an Italian Restaurant, Sorrento Little Italy, and decided to give it a try.  AWESOME~   Everything including the pasta is made there.  Have a Butcher right there and you get "Custom Cuts" of meat, a HUGE Delicatessen,  Fresh Cheeses, Excellent sandwiches, Pasta and Homemade Bread!  And the guy making the pizza's tossed and twirled those crusts - and the pizza looked delicious!  An array of desserts to match any Greek Bakery!  But we had NO room for dessert!  What a shame!

From there we made our way to the Show Palace in Hudson.   A bit of a risk.....since the last time we were here it was REAL bad and we said we would not go back........But we saw the advertisement for the "one night only" Tribute to Barry Manilow, and decided to give it a try.    Went just for the show - not dinner.   Rich ordered a beer, and me a glass of wine...........The show was EXCELLENT.  I did not want it to end!    So glad we went back.

Both of us are pretty tired from the long ride it will be an early night.   Rich will call tomorrow evening to see if he has to show up for Jury Duty on Monday.............and it's only a little more than three weeks before we're on the road trip to Iowa and then NY.

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