Friday, May 26, 2017

Counting down.........and getting last minute things done

Most all of the work outside is don! Finally!  And we were even blessed just yesterday with some most welcomed, and most needed RAIN!!

The forecast for  rain here in Placid Lakes has been anywhere from 65% to 85% for days!!!  On Tuesday we got real excited as we sat on the back lanai watching the beautiful Blue Heron down by the water...........We could hear the thunder in the background, and the sky was very menacing!  If we had not been sitting outside we would have missed the 2 minutes of sprinkles!!!

 But on Thursday we  finally had some pretty good showers for most of the morning.  Once it stopped I took a ride into Sebring to do some last minute shopping...... Needed a dressy blouse, a pair of Sandals for Rich, hair supplies, bathroom supplies, filter for the refrigerator, a new pot for my bamboo plant, ink for the printer, batteries, graduation card, make a deposit in the bank, withdraw cash, and a few items from the grocery store!

Speaking of the new pot..............this "good luck" bamboo plant has grown significantly since we received it from a good friend back in 2013 when we moved into this house.

Counting down the days now.  Just five more before we begin the first leg to Iowa, so time to start thinking about how everything is going to fit in the car!  We realized a few days ago that we did not have anywhere near the room we had in the Camry in this new Terrain!  So, between the two of us we managed to remove the bench seat in the back.  That will be staying in our garage for the duration of the trip!  Lots of room now for whatever we need!!

Our trip to Iowa is to attend the HS Graduation of our granddaughter.   Dennis' step-father and step-sister, and Crystal's Mom will all be arriving there next Friday, as will we.  Plans are for a party on Saturday afternoon, baseball game Saturday night, and graduation ceremony Sunday evening.  Today we received in the mail the "official" invitation from Chauna.  Not looking forward to the long trip - but really excited about visiting and spending time with the family.

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