Saturday, May 20, 2017

High School Stuff for Chauna, .Ruck for a Cause, Time to Fledge??? Last Dinner with Friends

Let's start with the Great Blue Heron..........As you know we had a couple of nests in the area.  We've watched Mom and Dad build the nest, care for the eggs ( but we've only seen one baby!!), and care for the little time until it's ready to spread it's wings and fly.  The little one is not so little any more.......and we've caught a couple of pictures of him/her out of the nest and happily flapping it's wings.  Should be ready to fledge pretty soon as it's been close to two months since birth.

High School is coming to end for our grand-daughter, Chauna.  End of year Senior activities are taking place, as plans begin for graduation ceremonies.   May 15th was the Senior Honors Program.  And Dennis put it so nicely saying " Always proud of Chauna, with her devotion to success and excellence".  We are indeed very very proud of her accomplishments.

Yesterday, with Dalton home from college for Summer break, the family attended the end of year band banquet.

 Yesterday, Chick-Fil-A, Davenport, IA posted pictures of Chauna on their face book page.........  "Big congrats to Chauna Donald on being our second Chick-fil-A Leadership Scholarship winner!  A great team player whether in our restaurant or serving our community!  It is an honor to have you as part of our team"

And on the 13th, Dennis, Crystal and Chauna participated in Chick-fil-A's Ruck for a Cause - which looked like  a really fun day!!

Eleven more days - and we'll be on our way to visit with family for Chauna's graduation.  Looking forward to seeing family and meeting Ryan (Chauna's boyfriend) and Sara ( Dalton's girlfriend).  Saturday before graduation a backyard party is planned, and Saturday evening we will be attending a local baseball game where Chauna and her best friend, and Ryan will be throwing out the first pitch! Sunday will be graduation ceremonies...........and then from there we will head to NY a few days later.

In the meantime - we met up with friends, Nathan and Krystal, and Buddy and Dianne at Cody's for Two for One Fajitas on Wednesday evening.   Our last get together for a while.  Had a great time and look forward to seeing all of them again sometime in August, God permitting.

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