Sunday, August 26, 2018

Just a few more ordinary days.....

Not a whole lot going on and it's pretty quiet here at home.  Well, except for the daily thunderstorms!  Talked with John and Dianne, next door a couple of times, but mostly about John's health.  Not real good.  Phil came over to return the tree trimmer he borrowed before we left for NY. Doreen decided to ride over with him, so we had a nice visit for an hour or so.  And Jim and Patty have been spending some vacation time down in the we don't expect to see them until early September.

So much to be done outside. We both did a lot of weed pulling, and the majority of it is almost done.  Then Rich can do some more spraying.  Still a lot of bushes to be trimmed.........but making progress.  Just too hot to do too much during the day, and both of us are suffering from back and leg pain!! 

Rich had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday up in Sebring.  Stopped at Walmart to pick up a new Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, and at Office Depot for some printer ink and a few other things.............and since we right across the road from Hibachi, we decided to just stop and have dinner there. 

The skies were pretty nasty on the way home.......but it was pretty obvious when we got home that we had a pretty good downpour!

Friday and Saturday are the last two days of Early Voting for the 2018 Florida Primary, so on Friday we went into town to the Lake Placid Town Hall to cast our vote.  Election day is next Tuesday - so we'll see what the results are. 

If we're going to make Pizza - it's generally on Friday night........and yes that's what we had.  A lot of cooking though this past week, so we have Shepherd's Pie and Macaroni and Cheese leftovers for the next few days....and then we have Barbeque Ribs, Chicken Chile and Shrimp Scampi on the menu after that.

Today - to lazy to work outside (actually - still hurting!) so baked some Oatmeal/Raisin Cookies

And yesterday was National Dog Dennis and Crystal shared a few pictures.  Both of the kids are back in college, so they have a new family member, Zoey - and they are taking the two dogs for training.

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