Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pickleball at the Kissimmee-St. Cloud Senior Games.....

The season began on Monday for the Florida Senior Games, with the first of many being held at the Solivita community in Poinciana, Fl.  Poinciana is located near Kissimme and not far from the Disney area. 

Neither Rich nor I registered to play in these games.  That's not unusual for me, but since it was just a single elimination event, Rich decided to pass on this one.  Our friends from Louisiana however, knowing they would be here registerd to play in doubles, mixed doubles and singles competition.  On Monday they held the doubles and singles.  They graciously picked me up at about 6:00am, and I rode along with them to watch and to see some of the players/friends we hadn't seen since the season ended back in March. 
Solivita is an over 55 active adult community and is absolutely beautiful.  They have seven lighted pickleball courts in Freedom Park where the tournament was held.

Below is Gloria and Gail (back court) friends of ours from Tanglewood down in Sebring.

Margie Diaz - always the clown and always making everyone laugh, poses for the camera!!! Actually - this gentleman provided rides to and from the restroom which were past the adjoining tennis courts. Everyone appreciated it.
On the back court is Linda (left) and Diane, also from Tanglewood playing against a couple of players from Solivita.

Below, the Louisiana crew, Prissy, Mary and Sharon wait to be called for their first game.

Mark, with little Jimmy makes the overhead shot without a problem.  These guys are also from Tanglewood.

The return is low to the feet, but Mary gets to the ball as he partners up with a guy from Solivita.

On the far court is our good friend Nancy, from Ft. Myers, and her partner Jan who flew in from Michigan to play with Nancy.  She does spend most of her summer here in Florida and teams up regularly with Nancy.  They are playing a team from The Villages.  
Below (back court) Prissy (left) and Sharon play in the Gold/Silver Medal Match with friends of ours from Solivita, Margie and Kathy.  Kathy stretches for a great return.
Jimmy and Mark take a break.............and watch the games for a while.
Jimmy joins the Tanglewood Ladies.... Suzanne, Gloria and Linda..........Diane must already be on the court.  Linda was on her way and stopped for the photo.

A Rose among all those Thorns............Prissy shares the shade with a group of guys from The Villages. 

Below - Sharon readies her paddle to return the ball.  Coach Mo would be proud!
Marty, in his singles match.  Paddle ready and eys on the ball! 

Is it the Sun?'s the ball.  Great form Prissy!
And it ended up a successful day for everyone.  
Gloria and Gail pictures with the Silver Medal winners, took home the Gold!   Jan and Nancy played well, and settled for the Silver.  Both of them also medaled in the Singles.   Linda and Diane took the Gold!!  Prissy and Sharon, played a really tough match against the Solivita pair and took home the Silver,  They both took bronze in the Singles.  Mark and Jimmy came out on top in their age group and took home the gold.  And Marty took the Bronze in the Singles.

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