Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dining - Louisiana Style

Saturday evening we were invited to join Marty and Prissy for dinner at their Villa.  We arrived just after 5:30 and the evening got progressively better by the minute.  There is seldom a time when Prissy does not have a smile on her face or isn't telling a story that makes you laugh till you can 't stop!  She's definitely one in a million........God Bless you Marty!!!!

Also visiting for a few days was Prissy's sister-in-law, Susan (sitting at the bar) In the top photo,  Prissy is shucking her eggs for the potato salad and below, dinner is just about ready and Rich lends a hand slicing the bread.   And did you noticed that the bottle of Margarita's sitting on the counter in the first picture has been replaced by a Margarita in my glass.....

In the meantime - Marty is finishing up the sausage on the barbecue grill....

The guys had already had one bottle of beer...........but Marty brought out the good stuff for dinner; the Mississippi Mud!  We laughed even more when Marty told us he actually found this in the Publix Supermarket right here in Florida................and reading the label we learned that Mississippi Mud is actually made in Utica, NY!!!   

But before dinner was served - Marty and Prissy presented us with this lovely gift.  She and Marty had personally selected a variety of "Louisiana's" favorite food selections for us.   It was amazing.

In addition to the Creole Jambalaya, Gumbo Mix, New Orleans Fish Fry, Etouffee Mix and Gourmet Pralines, was a huge bag of LSU Tiger Tators,  Hot Sauce, Barbecue Sauce and Pepper Jelly.............and of course the BEADS!!!   And this was not presented without some additional laughter! First were the two cups; one a lobster the other a CRAB.   Given his morning "attitude" it was unanimous that the Crab cup belonged to Rich.    AND...we needed the hot sauce that was in the basket for the dinner table!!!

Is this an amazing feast or what!  Shrimp and Crab Gumbo, Sausage, Potato Salad.  Absolutely Delicious.  Neither Rich nor I had ever had Gumbo before and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  The potato salad was so much different than we had ever had as well, with the potatoes mashed smoothly with eggs, mayonnaise, mustard and sweet pickle salad chips........a great variation. 

And then she brought out the dessert. Again, it was important for us to understand that if we liked it, it was HER family recipe, and if it was bad - it was Marty's family recipe.   They didn't have a name for it - but it really did remind us of a dessert that we had many years ago at one of our favorite Greek Restaurants in Connecticut- where they called it "Sex in a Pan"!!!! 
Does that help in describing how good it was?

It definitely brought a smile from this rowdy group!!!! 

Thanks Marty and Prissy for a fabulous evening, the left overs, the laughter the great food, and the beautiful gift.

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