Friday, September 16, 2011

No Pictures Today!

Yesterday was the last day here for our Louisiana friends.  We all went for lunch at TooJays and had a really nice time.  Really going to miss dining out with Prissy - yesterday it was all about the Beef Brisket. Is it sliced or shredded? ( No stringy today).  It was very important that our waiter understand that it should be ONLY bread and meat!  Marty and I went for the Reuben, Rich the Chicken Pot Pie and Sharon the Chicken Quesadillas.  I have never seen such large Quesadillas before.  Sharon gave me one to take home and it was delicious.  After the meal, Sharon ordered a chocolate cake and cheese cake that was shared around the table.

It was another of those days - where the camera was in the pocketbook, but I never thought to bring it out!!!

That evening we had our last girls night out going to Bunco at the Sterling Heights Rec. Center.  I had my first big win, taking home $56 since I had 23 wins out of 30 for the night.

But then it was the real goodbye.  They took off for home early this morning.
Rich and I enjoyed their company so much while they were here, and we hope that we can make it to LA again this year for the Mid South Regional and meet up with the three of them again.

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