Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Last Happy Hour of the Season?

Yes, folks are leaving the park to head north for the summer.  And they are leaving much faster that we'd like.   We didn't have the 30 or 40 folks here in the park, but we had JUST ENOUGH to have another fun evening together.   There are not a whole lot of pickleball players in the park right now - but still lots of our friends, so I scheduled a Happy Hour for the last of us for Monday.  On Sunday, Rich and I stopped to chat with Nate and Krystal, who are parked directly behind us... and since the site right next to them was open we decided to move the happy hour to their front yard.

We took over our food and set up our chairs and one of our favorite  canine friends, Miss Ava was right there to welcome us! 

 It wasn't long before everyone else had arrived.  That's Nate and Krystal's 5th wheel on the right, and ours right behind them.  The corner lot made a perfect playground for us tonight!

Below is Travis, Jim and Judy.  ( I think Travis is on his 2nd plate of food!)
Friends Nick and Tonyia. ......

Nate, Krystal, Jerry and Lee.........
Art, Hedy, Diane and Buddy.
We had ton's of food including Sloppy Joes, Macaroni and Cheese, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, A variety of meat/cheese roll ups, deviled eggs, and baked beans.  For dessert Diane baked an awesome fresh apple cake and Tonyia brought an excellent whip cream cake topped with fresh fruit. 

Rich and I  and Krystal played a game or two of corn toss BEFORE dinner- so I missed us with our game faces on........but below the rest of the folks take their turn.   Some, like  Tonyia, Art, Travis and Buddy were naturals.......and the rest of us watched their techniques - the stretch , the high toss, the two step, or Buddy's best - holding the corner of the bag.

 I understand that I missed the best points of the game when Art and Travis went neck and neck with back to back to back perfect hole shots.  I think they said there were four or five in a row. 

And if you were just too full to continue playing ---- you could stroll across the road and do a little river fishing.  Loved this picture of the lake right behind Lee's site.
We probably would have stayed out a bit longer but the mosquitoes were coming out.  Yes - it's that time of year again already.   If this is indeed our last Happy Hour - it was definitely a fun one.  The food was delicious and the company , games and conversation made for a most enjoyable evening with good friends.

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