Monday, April 9, 2012

More time with friends.................

Well - Tom and Karen took off on Saturday, so we joined up with the two of them Friday evening for dinner at Paul's Kitchen.  One of our favorite places to eat here in Wauchula - and tonight the food was just as good as ever.    
Before heading back to the campground Tom and Karen wanted to stop at Pure Magic - the new ice cream shoppe in town.    Great place - and  below Karen  and Tom enjoy their  self creations and Karen shows her silly side!!  We will definitely miss these two.

And the it was Easter Sunday.................We had originally planned on going out for dinner - and then I decided I'd just do a roast for the two of us and then Nick and Tonya invited us over.  Nick grilled some great steaks, tossed together a little Shrimp Scampi and Tonya made an awesome Green bean casserole......................  Monday is Nick's birthday - so we celebrated a day early with a great chocolate raspberry cake.
Nancy and Jerry joined us after dinner  and the six of us laughed and joked and enjoyed the evening until well after 10:00 PM .   And Jerry if you are reading this...... SHHHHHHH!!!

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