Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recovering from Oral Surgery.....

Over the last several months I've been having some problems with my teeth.  It's been to the dentist, the periodontist, and on Friday the Oral Surgeon.    All of our dentists/doctors are in the Tampa area, so it was about an hour and a half ride to get there.  So glad that Rich went with me.  Had four teeth pulled including a wisdom tooth that was impacted.  The top two came out quickly - but there was a lot work wiggling around the nerve as he removed the wisdom tooth. 

That was Friday. Today, Sunday my face is still pretty swollen, and I am popping the pain pills about every 5 hours.   It's been very painful to say the least and the last two nights I've been sleeping in the recliner or propped up on the couch.  Just too painful to lay down.  If the pain does not subside it's back to the doctor on Monday.

In the meantime - there are a few things that have made me feel better and that' our friends staying in touch.    First I got a couple of pictures from Karen and the pickleball group enjoying breakfast compliments of Chef Mitch and Barb.   And to think they just left here a few days ago.    

The next day Silly Willy sends us some pictures of him and Fluffy.  They were returning from one of their shows and stopped to visit with the pickleball players on the Orlando courts.  Thanks guys!  You made my day!    Stay in touch ----- see you all next year, I hope.  


  1. sure hope you will feel better soon xxxxxxxx

  2. Pulling wisdom teeth out are the most painful thing that I can remember. Hope you feel better soon.
    Enjoyed reading your postings and great photos !!!