Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Last Day in Peace River

Thursday, May 31st........... It was a long day..... lots of packing and cleaning and checking the list twice to make sure we remembered everything and making sure we didn't pack more than we could fit in the car. 

We made plans to meet with Nick and Tonyia for dinner, so we picked them up just before 5:00 and headed for Paul's Kitchen.  Thursday night is Buy One Get One Free, either Steak Tips or Catfish Fingers for $12.99.  Great meal complete with  soup, salad, bread, potato and veggie..  Our plans were to get back before dark, and allow Rich time to watch Jim Cramer on TV before we broke down the dish and shut down Direct TV.    


But we made one last detour before we got back to the park at the Pure Magic Ice Cream parlor........... 

We indulged in our final dish of  Chocolate Peanut Butter/ Butter Pecan ice cream and got  Tonyia and Nick to smile one more time for the camera. 

 We worked pretty hard all day so it was an early night.  It would be a long day again tomorrow. 

It started at 7:00 this morning............We worked the better park of the morning getting the RV closed for the summer.  The bikes were under cover, the boat tied down, the tanks were empty, the cupboards were bare, the dryers sheets were out and we sprayed for bugs.  We cleaned up quickly at the bath house and by 11:15 we were on the road.   We said our goodbye's - saw Nate, but it was too early for Krystal to be out an around.... 

The forecast called for rain and we were fortunate that it held off until we got on the road.  We had pretty heavy rain until we got almost to Leesburg.  It was a quick lunch at McDonald's............and we arrived at our villa in The Villages before 3:00.   It was unpacking - locking ourselves out and having to call the owner to let us in..............unpacking some more, fixing a little dinner, taking our showers and after 8:00 before we finally got to relax.  Another early night tonight for sure. 

Out to the pickleball courts at 7:00 am tomorrow morning...........

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  1. I am so behind on reading blogs right now, so trying to catch up today. I'll comment here instead of sending an email to see if you got settled in (since I can see here that you did). I hated that I missed saying goodbye to you all but glad to see you are there safe and sound and having so much fun already. Thanks for sharing the villa with all of us. That's the first I've seen it I think. It's adorable. I can see why you do love to spend the summers there-beyond the pickleball playing that is. Miss you already!