Friday, June 8, 2012

Dinner with More Pickleball Friends..........

It's been pretty much pickleball and rain the last couple of days.  But on Thursday evening we made plans to meet for dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant on Lake Sumter Landing.   This is definitely one of our favourite places to eat and tonight was no different.  It had rained most of the day and was still raining when we arrived, so we had to take a table inside.  Even from the inside you get a great view of Lake Sumter. And with this group it really didn't matter.   We arrived about 6:00 and it was after 8:30 when we got back home.

Seated around the table from the left is Tim and Marlene Diffenderfer and Kathy Miller from the Solivita Community over near Kissimmee, Cindy Eddleman from Ft. Myers, me, Nancy Meyer from Ft. Myers and Rich.  All of them are renting here in The Villages for the month and taking advantage of all the pickleball training clinics, drills and just all around good pickleball play.........

What do you talk about when you get seven pickleball players around the table?   That's right!  And Nancy announced that she had signed Cindy and I up as partner to play next week in a 3.5 Skill Level tournament!   Kathy and Marlene are going to do the same, so it should be fun.  It will be good practice for Cindy and I, as we are partnering next month in Louisiana in the Mid South Regional Tournament, and I am playing with Kathy's husband in the mixed doubles.

Tomorrow is back to the oral surgeon for me! YUK!!!!!

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