Wednesday, June 13, 2012


On Tuesday it was a trip to Orlando, more specifically to Universal City Walk - where we would be celebrating my birthday with the Blue Man Group.

For as long as we've lived in Florida - we seldom do the "park" scene.  I probably would go more often, but I know it's not one of Rich's favorite things to do.  So having him take me anywhere near Orlando is a very special treat!

We found our way to the parking garage - and then made the mile long trek to City Walk. Comfortable shoes are a must!   Lots of things to do here if you like eating, drinking and partying.    I understand that they consider City Walk Orlando's Entertainment Hotspot.  Everyone is probably the most familiar with the Hard Rock Cafe but there is also lots of unique shops, an IMAX theater,  live music,  restaurants and nightclubs.  

If we were to come again - we probably would come a little earlier, enjoy a meal at Bubba Gump's and maybe take in some Karaoke at the Rising Star.

As we made our way along the walk - we saw the street sign that lead us to our destination  - The Blue Man Group Theater, located between the Hard Rock Cafe and the entrance to Universal Studios. 

 The theater appeared much smaller than I had expected, but the entertainment was larger than life.  Now More Wow was the name of the performance this evening.  You can't take pictures during the performance so below is a video that shows a lot of what we got to experience.  This is definitely entertainment for the entire family - a  lot of audience participation, and a unique musical experience.


And of course - you can't go to Universal without getting your picture taken!  
Thanks Rich, for another great birthday !

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