Monday, September 10, 2012

Signs of Aging

August was a terrible month.   Between the chest pains, the hospital visit, the bad knee and the mammogram results  .........I am about ready to believe that I am BEGINNING to age.......  If I get this knee working - I'll feel YOUNG again!

I think I played pickleball a grand total of 3 days during the month of August.  Thankfully the knee held out long enough for me to enjoy the visit from Nate and Krystal.  Since then I've had the x-ray - which didn't show anything, and then the MRI last Thursday.  Got the results today..... and they say it's osteoarthritis.

So what now:
1. Cut Back on Caffeine
2. Cut Back on Sugar/Potatoes/Starch  ( Spicy food is good - so I can still eat the Jalapenos/ Habanaros!).   Eat more protein. This should help with the weight - Right!
3. Keep exercising - but not quite so much pickleball!!  I have to limit the intensity and duration of any weight bearing activities.  But doctor said three days a week is OK or every other day if I don't stay out there for hours!!
4.  Moderate exercise when not playing pickleball - swim, bike ride, whoorpool...
5. Ice after pickleball... Heat before exercise is also good.
6.  Keep taking my Glucosamine and Chondroitin    AND

7. A shot of corotzone two to three times/year.  The first one was today!  Piece of Cake!

One more bad day to go....... Thursday I have the Breast Biopsy done.

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