Monday, September 10, 2012

Pickleball Clinic at SumerGlen

Back in August, while performing my Pickleball Duties..... I found a group that played at the SummerGlen community in Ocala, Fl.  This is a gated, active adult community located right along the west side of Interstate 75, about 15-20 minutes south of the center of Ocala...........and about 1/2 hour ride from here in The Villages.    I spoke with a pickleball resident, Len Outzs, who worked with me to get his location listed on the USAPA website.....and a few weeks later he contacted Rich and I to come over and do a clinic for some of their players.

More than 35 players showed with just two courts it was not possible to get everyone out on the court.  Four of the more experienced players worked with rich to help with some of the demonstrations/drills.

We really had a great time!   They asked lots of great questions during the clinic, but it was really quite nice getting a  chance to chat with some of the folks before and after the clinic. There were a few players that arrived a little bit later, arrived, but below is Rich with the SummerGlen group before we started. 

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