Monday, September 10, 2012

Back Home on Saturday.....

On Saturday we took a ride back to our home. Don and Linda who had been staying there, moved into their own new home a week or so ago.  We were so excited for them that they could move into a place of their own again and really call it "home."   At the same time it meant getting our  furniture that we had packed away to make room for them - back out and in it's place.   As  you can see the rooms were pretty empty - All the furniture was packed from floor to ceiling in the third bedroom...

Don, such a great friend, came over to help Rich move the furniture.  Rich and I had packed the room and the two of us could have unpacked it - but it surely would have taken us twice the time.  Below, the house begins to look a little more like "home".

The outside was even more beautiful than we remembered.  Don and Linda had kept the front yard meticulously manicured.....and the view in the back is always one of our favorites.  I think I might be getting a little 'homesick'.

About 4:00 we headed over to Don and Linda's new place.  Their new home is right in our community  - only about a mile from our place.  They still have boxes to unpack, but it is a beautiful  3 bedroom villa.  Just perfect for them and their canine companion Dakota.

Just to give you an idea of their's a picture that Don took one morning recently while he was out walking Dakota.  No this is not something you see everyday........but it is a beautiful animal.

It was nice spending a little time with Don and Linda again.  We ended the day at the Outback Steakhouse for dinner.  A perfect ending for the day!

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