Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye Isaac - Welcome , School Days

Here in Central Florida we were spared the brunt of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac, but we got tons of rain.........   We thought the rain wound never stop.   Krystal and Nate were supposed to visit last weekend - but the threat of Isaac put a halt to that visit.  Krystal did share a few pictures of the impacts of Isaac at the Thousand Trails park in Wauchula where they are for the summer and where our RV is parked.

WOW - The Peace River is really invading the park............

And after making it's destructive path through Mississippi and Louisiana our thoughts and prayers are with friends and fellow pickleball players in it's path. 

 And then our concerns turned to Davenport Iowa, where our Son and family live....

But fortunately as the storm lost it's strength we were pretty sure that it would be nothing more than some very welcome rain to the area and give them a break from record high temperatures.

In the meanwhile - speaking of the family in Iowa.  It was back to school time, and pictures of the kids as they head off for their first day really do make you feel Proud...........and Old.....and wondering where the time has gone.  Chauna is in  8th grade, and our grandson, Dalton heads off as a High School Freshman.

And what else do High School Kids do?     You've Got It!   Dalton is now driving.   Dennis is not quite ready to let him handle the truck - so it's practice time in Mom's car.

Both of the kids EXCEL in school and at the same time remain involved with the arts and in sports.  Chauna has already been out on the field with the softball team and below the family heads out to the  Davenport West High School Football game.  Dalton will be on the field with the marching band.

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