Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend with Special Friends

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac delayed the visit from good friends Nate and Krystal until this Labor Day weekend.   By the time that Krystal was able to get our of work at the park on Friday it was after 10:00 on Friday evening when they finally arrived.   It was 12:30 am or after by the time everyone called it a night.

Obviously, number one on the list of "things to do" when pickleball friends visit is.......PICKLEBALL.  

On Sunday morning we were all and out the door about 7:30 am.......Rich and Nate headed to Pimlico and Krystal and I to Churchill Rec Center.  I did manage over the two days to catch a couple of pictures of Nate on the courts -  the rest of the crew playing at Churchill and both of them sitting  on the bench waiting for their next turn..

Everyone was back, showered and ready for lunch by 11:00.   Rich and Nate then headed for Saddlebrook for afternoon pickleball at Saddlebrook.  Krystal and I headed out for a few hours of BUNKO at the Mulberry Grove Rec Center. The camera went we we a couple of shots of the Rec Center - beautifully decorated inside.....and yes - that Krystal at her Bunko table after the last game of the day.   We had a great time - but neither of us were big winners.  The guys arrived home from the pickleball courts not far behind us. 

We headed on down to Lake Sumter Landing and the first stop was at the Lighthouse Point Restaurant.  Three of us went with the Fisherman's Platter which is the house favorite and Nate opted for the Blue Fish, with some kind of Jalapeno seasoning.    As always - the food and atmosphere was excellent.  

It was still early (and hot!) but we decided to take a walk along the boardwalk  and see what was going on.  The turtle were back - looking for some bits of food from passersby,  folks were heading into the Old Millhouse Theater for their favorite movie -(By the way --- If you have not yet been to see the movie 2016 about the life of and the results of the decisions of President  Obama, make a point to see it!  Rich and I went to see it Thursday night)  

After checking out the folks listening to the music around the square we all took the 20 minute boat tour around Lake Sumter.     Our cruise director was a lovely lady who told us the history of Lake Sumter, as we took in the view of the Bridge that crosses the lake that was built in the likeness of the London  Bridge, the site of The Villages Bird Sanctuary  and the view of the Lighthouse Restaurant from the water among a few other things. 

Everyone - the guys especially were pretty tired after a long day of pickleball so we headed back to the house - got ourselves our beverage of choice and relaxed and watch the new Footloose Movie.   

It was a really fun day............ A final photo of Nate and Krystal as we left the Lighthouse Restaurant..........I think everyone was tired and off to bed about 10:00 pm.  We had another busy day scheduled for Monday.

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