Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back Home - Getting Ready for the Sale....

The market closed early on Black Friday - so we headed back to our home in Wesley Chapel.  I drove the car and Rich the truck.  Since we would be putting a lot of our stuff in storage - Rich decided it'd be easier to transport everything in the truck!

Friday evening we did a quick dinner at Arby's and we were going to play pickleball with the group here - but being the holidays - there were not playing that night.

On Saturday morning we began our task of getting the house ready for the new owners.  The buyers were purchasing most of our furniture - so our goal was to take everything left and sort into - keep/store, keep/take to RV, sell/give away or throw away.  First it was a trip to Home Depot to buy screen to replace a few panels on the lanai and a trip to the grocery store for food for the next few days.  We got a pretty good start and called it a day when our friends Don and Linda called and invited  us to dinner.

Dinner was spaghetti and sausage, salad and Italian bread.  Dessert was pumpkin or pecan pie.

Don and Linda have been two of our best friends for a long time.  Don is also a Realtor and we can't thank him enough for the great job he did getting a contract on the house in less than two weeks.  If you need a good Realtor.........give us a call!

Sunday was another day of hard work and sorting. We had posted a few items on Craig s List and were able to get a few dollars for our power washer, ladder, chess table, and we gave away our old computers and printers.   And I managed to get everything out of the guest bath and bedroom and the living room/dining room packed away.  

It was leftovers that we brought from Wauchula for dinner tonight, but Rich still had enough energy to bake some pumpkin pies.  So we ate, did dishes and began to bake.  It's now 8:30pm and Rich has finished the first pie.   It will be pumpkin pie and whipped cream for him for breakfast tomorrow - and by mid afternoon I expect that pie #2 will be gone.

Talked to Nick and Tonyia today................and found out that we were missing Happy Hour #3!   Hope you guys all had a great time!

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