Friday, November 2, 2012

So What's Going On?

I know it's been a while since I've been out here with an update - Several of you have contacted me to see how I'm doing - since one of my last posts indicated that I was going in for surgery..........

Well, first of all we have put our house in Wesley Chapel on the Market!!!!   That's right it's up for sale.  Now if any of you know anyone who might be looking for a great house in a great location with a great view from the back lanai please pass along this link:
If you forget it and need it later - it's right over there on the right side of this page!!!

It was great seeing Jack and Diane, and Rich and Dee and John and Carla and my good friend Karen and Tom.. but most of them have already left.............and since then it's been pretty quiet.    But Keith and Marie got in yesterday!  YEAH!  Hurricane Sandy gave us some pretty wicked winds - but other than that the weather has been great.  Starting to cool down, not quite so humid.

We've been out to dinner a couple of times with Nick and Tonya.  We missed a great get together at Paul's the other night with the pickleball crew,  but I just was not feeling up to going out.

There's a new restaurant in town and we went there a few days ago .......   For those of you who have been here before - the WILDCAT GRILL is the former Breadboard.  And believe me the menu is MUCH better.  I had the chicken Quesedias while  Rich and Nick and Tonyia  enjoyed some great PIZZA!  We'll definately go back again.  

And we've been back to Pure Magic Ice Cream - acutally we went there after  we filled our take home boxes at the Wild Cat Grill........

OK - so for those of you  wondering how I am.......I am doing fine.  The results from my mammogram resulted in a Biopsy, which showed some abnormal tissue.  I had surgery to remove the tissue and  unfortunately they did find cancer.  The good news is that the cancer is very small and was found very early.  Last Wednesday I went back in for a second surgery and I've been just a little uncomfortable since then.  (Most of the discomfort comes from not being able to get out on the pickleball courts!!)   I have another appointment with the surgeon at the Cancer Moffitt Center in Tampa next week, and as long as everything looks good, I will then have to  undergo daily radiation treatments for  six weeks!    Since the house is on the market, I've decided I wanted to stay at Peace River and make the daily trip to Sebring for the treatments.   I have heard from so many of you ..........and I thank you for your prayers!  Love you ALL!!

Tomorrow we are headed to Orlando with Nate and Krystal, and Nick and Tonya, and Art and Hedy  and three other couples for the dinner and show at Capone's.  We'll be spending the night there after the show and heading back on Sunday !  Watch for pictures!!

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