Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Hour #2

I guess this month has been one for seeing pickleball friends that we've not seen in a long time.  What better reason than that to have a get together.     On Saturday Keith and Marie had everone over to their place for  barbeque.....and everyone else brought a dish to pass.  

Below (from top left, clockwise) Our host and hostess:  Marie and Keith.   Jim and Jane ( Princess Jane to most of us).  They were regulars to the park for several years, but two years ago, sold their RV and returned to their home in England.   Barbara- leaving California to visit with old friends for a few weeks.  Chris and Mark.  Hasn't been quite as long since we've seen these two - but this year they are spending the winter at Tanglewood in Sebring. Chances are pretty good we'll see them again this winter. 

Below (from top left, clockwise) is the rest of the crew.  And with the exception of just a couple - it's our pickleball crew!  Art and Hedy, Buddy and Diane and Dee  and Chuck.  The next couple ( can't remember their names - even though I asked twice!) were friends of Keith and Marie, Bob and Janet ( just arrived at the park today), Nate (Krystal was a little under the weather - so we missed her) , Sally and Stan, Laurie and Charlie and his wife. 
It was really nice to see these folks again.  Enjoyed the evening and the food was delicious.

It was dark by the time we headed for home, but we saw that Nick and Tonyia were sitting out.  It was still early and the campfire looked very inviting so we decided to take a walk over.  Bill and Marie ( also not staying in the park this year) had come over to visit for the day and we learned that they would be coming back for our New Year's eve party! GREAT!  We had not been there long when Todd and Theresa pulled up and joined the group.  There was a little wine and whiskey Todd shared some Chocolate Wine and some Sambuka (anise flavoured liquor). We both passed................but I could not turn down a shot of my favorite Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey! 
And then we called it a night!

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