Monday, November 5, 2012

Peace River and Capone Crime Families

The Peace River Crime Family headed for Orlando this past weekend. Nick Cartos - the Don of this organized crime family out of  Wauchula,  assured everyone that a truce had been made with the widely known and feared Capone Family of Kissimmee, Fl.

Cartos and his " capo bastone" (underboss) , Rich the Pickler, Donald  travelled together to Orlando with their wives, Tonyia and Donna.

Anyway - Nick and Tonya organized the weekend of fun for 14 of us.  The plan was to all meet at the hotel - The Quality in - Kissimmee at 3:00 pm.  We got on the road early with the idea of stopping for a quick lunch along the way.   Just a few miles from the hotel we decided to stop at Checkers......... It just so happened that this particular checkers was in Old Town........

If you check their website it will tell you  that Old Town is "a shopping emporium with 75 specialty stores, 8 restaurants and 18 amusement rides.  Saturday and Friday Nite cruises with hundreds of classic cars.  Saturday Nite Car Cruise is the oldest weekly car cruise in the country!"

Rich and I had never been here before - so we took a walk and looked around.  There are some pretty neat rides there including a rock climbing wall, zip lines, roller coaster, Ferris wheel .  But this ride below made all of us stop to watch. The Super Shot takes up slowly up to 150 feet and then you are dropped suddenly!

We walked around and checked out a lot of the old cars that were coming in for the Saturday night cruise......and stopped at a few specialty shops.  Our favorite was the leather shop........... Even the guys enjoyed it..........And gave me a great photo op!

After lunch it was on to the Hotel.  We checked in at the Quality Inn and it was long after we got there that everyone else had arrived.  We were all very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the hotel - very nice room.   At 6:00 pm we all met in the parking lot where the shuttle would take the 14 of us to Capone's, a 1930's speak easy, for dinner and a show.

The shuttle bus arrived at Capone's, just about a mile down the road, and we all piled out - picked up our pre-paid tickets, and got the password to get in the door.

Once we got inside - we headed upstairs to the lounge where we got our beverage of choice and sat to chat for a while and just take in the "gangster" atmosphere.  About 6:30 we were escorted to our table ; perfect location right in front of the stage. 

Once at the table your drinks are free - all you want, for the rest of the night!  You could have beer, wine, selected mixed drinks, or soda.......  The dinner is a buffet complete with various kinds of pasta, pizza, mashed potato's and gravy, turkey/stuffing, ham, roast beef, veggies and much much more!  Once dinner was finished it was time for the show.  The show was excellent; music, dance, comedy  and a lot of audience interaction.  If you check out the picture below , you'll see a picture of the main characters.  And you'll see a few people from the audience on stage with the cast (left).  That's Todd  ( another of our Peace River Crime Family)- center stage with Miss Jewel, attempting to do the Charleston!  He was great!

Thanks to Nick and Tonyia , for doing all the planning for the group.  We had a wonderful time.  We headed back to the hotel and soon after called it a night.  In the morning we all enjoyed the continental breakfast at the hotel before heading back to Wauchula. 

Let me introduce you to the  Peace River Crime Family - pictured below.  From left to right:  Todd and Theresa, Bill and Marie, Rich and Donna, Hedy and Art, Jim and Judy and Nate and Krystal.  Kneeling is Tonyia and Nick.

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