Thursday, May 2, 2013

Family Update..........

As you may already know, Rich and I are not big
on facebook.  We should do a better job of checking once in a while as it's where we usually find out what's going on with our son and family out in Davenport, IA..... Dennis, obviously had not seen me comment on his facebook in a while so he sent us an e-mail to check out the new pictures .............................

This is an aerial view of the flooding in Davenport Iowa on April 20th, compliments of KWQC,  By April 24th, it had already been raining for 10 days and they had received more than 7 inches of rain and that was enough to cause the banks of the Mississippi River to overflow.  Dennis said that they had 4-5 inches of water in their basement, which is where the laundry room and family room is located.

Since then the news has been MUCH better as our granddaughter, Chauna has been a very busy young lady.  We already reported on her 14th birthday celebration - but since then.

Here is Chauna - opening day for the softball team at Junge Park near Davenport.

And here is Chauna on April 28th, with her Dad at her confirmation ceremony at the United Methodist Church....

 Chauna is also a Girl Scout.  As a Cadette she was working for her Silver Award, which is the top award a Cadette can earn.  She loves animals, so for her project she chose to raise awareness in her community about animal preparedness.    She created a website:

We hope you'll click on the link above and see the great job she did.  If you have an animal take her ONE question survey and let her know what a great job she's done.

She also created these bookmarks to raise awareness:

We are so very proud of our Miss Chauna!

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  1. LoL ... Yes we are busy as I'm sure ya'll are too. Nice post and will tell her to check it out. Thank You! We do miss & Love you guys! XO